Contributing Collections & Archives

In this preliminary stage, MuSO has aggregated 18th-Century content from the Europeana Music Collection with content in the ARC Catalogue. This was used as a test case for describing digital content relating to music. We plan to add to this preliminary collection in the coming months and years.

Eighteenth-century content from the collections can be found in MuSO:

Andalucian Virtual Library
Bodleian Library
British Library
Central Library of Düsseldorf
City Library of Porto
Church of St. Mary of the Consolation, Venice
Coimbra University Library
Debrecen University Library
German Photo Library
Händel House
Heidelberg University Library
Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam
Malmö Art Museum
National Institute of Art Library, Paris
National Library of Austria
National Library of Bulgaria
National Library of France
National Museum, Warsaw
Public Library of Valencia
Royal Armoury, Sweden
Royal Library of Denmark
State Institute for Music Research Library & Music Instrument Museum, Berlin
Vänersborg Museum
Würzburg University Library